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My Story

As a young boy, I grew up on a small farm in Dryden Michigan, where my dad introduced me to hunting at age 5. After many years of hunting alongside my dad, I purchased my first bow at 13 and started practicing. After many unsuccessful hunts, I finally got a great opportunity at a big doe and shot my first Whitetail at age 16. As my passion for bow hunting Whitetails grew, my dad and I got involved with a local hunting group, 'Let Them Go & Let Them Grow'. This is what started my knowledge of QDMA. I was able to hear multiple speakers like wildlife biologists, food plot specialists, DNR Officers, etc... and from that point on I have been hooked on learning as much as I can about deer biology and habitat management. In 2020 I was offered to take over our local 'Let Them Go & Let Them Grow' group. I am now continuing to help grow and educate local hunters about QDMA and Habitat Management. Since I grew up in a very heavily hunting area, I soon began to wonder what could be done to our small property, to see more and bigger deer. This leads me to learn more about whitetail biology and habitat management. About this time, I heard about QDMA's Deer Stewed Courses, and could not wait to get started learning. In 2017 I completed levels 1 & 2 and am working on level 3. Since then, I have been working at our home farm which was in Dryden MI, and our 27-acre family farm in Manistee County, MI. Working on almost everything in habitat management; from No Till Food Plot experimentation, to hinge cut bedding areas, steering trails and diving into what deer want and need 365 days a year! 

Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to work with several well-known habitat consultants and land managers such as Jim Ward, Jake Ehlinger and Jim Brauker while implementing habitat improvement's on several different hunting properties In Michigan, Pennsylvania, New YorkI have a passion for helping landowners improve their property to hold and attract mature bucks as well as teach them how to have a healthy and well managed herd. After helping family and friends on their personal properties, it then led me to start Legendary Habitat LLC in 2020, turning my dream into a reality, while doing what I love. Being able to share my experience and knowledge, while enjoying how amazing God's creation is, has been extremely rewarding.

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