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Property Consulting & Habitat Plans

  • 8 hours
  • $500-2000
  • Location 1

Service Description When you hire Legendary Habitat, Colin will come out to your property and spend an entire day if needed, walking, riding, and scouting your entire property. I will document our day with videos and pictures. As we are scouting, I will educate you on how deer are using your property, while you fill me in on your hunting observations and experiences. Before I leave your property, I will put together a short list of things that could be done right away on your property, as well as a rough sketch of your property showing some of the major improvement areas that should be focused on. I will go over each aspect of your property including. - Stand locations -Existing bedding areas, both buck beds & doe beds -Where to create new bedding areas -Travel corridors -Entry and exit routes -Screening and tree plantings -Buck sneak trails -Food plot locations and what to plant -NO-TILL and cover crop implementation recommendations based on soil conditions and much more. - Old field management and custom pollinator mixes aimed toward whitetails. -Teaching you how to become a better more efficient hunter and land manager. Within a couple weeks (Depending on my current schedule), I will send you a complete digital habitat plan. The digital plan will allow you to view all of the habitat improvements, and all the notes and pictures incorporated into each habitat improvement. I will also create a thorough written report that outlines a plan to accomplish your goals and objectives for your property over the next 5-10 years. Include with my written plan is a section that goes over my entire scent control program with tips and tricks I have learned. I also include a screen recording of the habitat plan going over all the details, which are too hard to explain in my written plan. You can then view it later at any time and share with anyone else hunting the property. Cost: $500-$2000 plus 75c/mile. Price varies depending upon property size, and property complexity. If you simply want me to scout your property with you to point out how deer are using it and to markup an aerial map with ideal stand locations and where different habitat features should be added or enhanced, that price is $400 - $1000 plus travel.

Contact Details

  • 248 978 3766

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